How do I become a Volunteer?
Volunteers are always welcome!  Most of our events take place in the evenings or on weekends. No experience is necessary – HCTV provides hands-on training.  For more information, visit our Volunteers page.  You will find our volunteer application form.  Once we receive your application, you will be added to our email list.  Don’t worry, your email will be used ONLY for HCTV announcements and requests for volunteers.  We do not sell, give away or otherwise acknowledge that we have your email!

How do I become a Member?
Information about being a member can be on our membership page including our downloadable membership form.

How can I get my program on HCTV?
You will need to submit a completed program application to the main office.  All program applications must be approved by the programming committee before production begins.

Please mail applications to:
730 Elden Street
Herndon, VA 20170

Can I advertise on HCTV?
Because we are a non-profit organization, HCTV cannot sell advertising slots to businesses.  However, because we ARE a non-profit organization, we can help out other non-profit organizations.  If you are a non-profit organization looking to promote a special fundraising event, contact the office with the basic event information, or a press release, at least two weeks before the event.

Do you offer tours of the station?
Yes! HCTV provides tours to Cub Scouts, Boy scouts, Girl scouts, and any other organizations that wish to learn more about television production.  Please contact the office to make arrangements for your group tour.   We are a small station, so if you have a large club, you may need to make arrangements for multiple tours.

Will HCTV cover my event?
Contact the main office with event information at least three weeks before it takes place. Since HCTV relies on volunteers to tape events, we will need as much time as possible to find enough help.

Can I buy a copy of the show?
Some of HCTV’s programming may be available for purchase.  Duplicating fees for a DVD is $ 20.  Please contact the station with your request.  If multiple copies are requested, there would be a discount on the fee.

Does HCTV have an internship program?
Yes! We accept one internship during the summer months. Please contact the office no later than May for more information.

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