Cooking for Thanksgiving

We stuffed the schedule with cooking shows to inspire you and get your taste buds primed for Thanksgiving.



Cooking with Papa Tuck: Turkey Dinner

Monday, November 24th @ 6:30 PM
Thursday, November 27th @ 8:00 AM

Capital Cooking: Small Spaces

Tuesday, November 25th @ 6:30 PM

Culinary Journey

Wednesday, November 26th @ 11:00 AM

Vintage HCTV: Joe of Cooking Marathon

Thursday, November 27th @ 9:30 AM

Capital Cooking: Family Favorites

Thursday, November 27th @ 11:30 AM

Johnna Knows Good Food

Thursday, November 27th @ 1:30 PM

Eat Well Be Happy

Thursday, November 27th @ 2:00 PM

Wicked Good Food: Rooting for Root Veggies

Thursday, November 27th @ 6:30 PM


New Episodes for Science Sci Fi Saturday

Science & Sci Fi SaturdaysAttention all Whovians this Saturday’s Science & Sci-Fi special program is Something About the Doctor: Doctor Who

Saturday, November 22nd @ 2:45 PM

Listen to fans talk about their favorite moments in Doctor Who; everything from who are their favorite Doctors, villains, companions and how the show will handle a 13th regeneration of the Doctor.  Get the best tips for what to do and see at a Doctor Who fan convention. And if you’ve never watched Doctor Who listen to some expert advice on where to get started.


Cosmic Cafe Show: Researching the Haunting of the USS Hornet

Saturdays @ 4:00 PM

For November’s Daily Special at the Café the panel discuss the paranormal events on the Alamadas famous USS Hornet, also known as the most haunted war ship in history.  Paranormal researcher, Jennifer Hosel, joins the show to shed some light about these strange occurrences.  Also on the show is special guest Michael Doughtry, Director/Producer of the Firefly universe fan film Browncoat Redemption.


Tech Eye: Broadband, Behind the Fiber

 Saturdays @ 7:30 PM and Tuesdays @ 1:00 PM

Behind the Fiber What is a broadband network anyway? Join host Teresa Martin as she follows a trail of fiber at one of the country’s BTOP programs on Cape Cod and visits with optics developer Ciena Communications to peek behind the fiber curtain.

Along the Blackstone in November

The Irish Influence in the Blackstone Valley

Monday @ 9:30 AM, Wednesday @ 8:00 AM and Sunday @ 3:00 PM

November’s episode of Along the Blackstone explores the long term cultural impact that the Irish Canal “strollers” brought to the Blackstone Valley with the building of the Blackstone Canal. Professors Jake Powers of Worcester State College and Scott Molloy of the University of Rhode Island take us on a totally Irish journey filled with great stories and great music from Pendragon as the show explores the stories of the Blackstone Valley’s first major immigrant group – the Irish.

The Children’s Corner: Talkin’ Turkey

The Children's Corner: Talkin Turkey

Saturdays @ 9:30 AM

In November’s episode of The Children’s Corner, Sheriff Stephen J.’s turkey hunt is interrupted by Deputy Larry’s news of a stranger in town.  After Sheriff Stephy J. confronts the stranger, he learns how to turn turkey leftovers into a delicious “12 step Slouch Turkey Tetrazzini” from culinary student, Remi, and her brother.

Word of the day is Tryptophan.

New Creating Cooperative Kids

still picture from Creating Cooperative Kids' October show

Tuesday @ 8:00 AM and Friday @ 10:00 AM

On this month’s episode of Creating Cooperative Kids: The Parenting Show, Bill Corbett talks to body language specialist, Carolyn Finch, to teach you how to decipher what your child’s scribbles really mean.  Also on this episode, Bill Corbet interviews Kathie Nitz, creator of Caring Cards about connecting with your elderly parents as well as speaker and author, Jeff Londraville.

New Episode of All Aboard

Search for Narrow Gauge Mikados

All Aboard


Wednesdays @ 8:30 AM and Fridays @ 2:00 PM 

In November’s episode of All Aboard, take a tour of the country in search of operating narrow gauge steam engines from Colorado’s Denver; Rio Grande Western narrow gauge lines in the 1990’s.

New Episode of Skills to Pay the Bills

Non-Traditional Financing for Small Business Start-ups

Skills to Pay the Bills

Fridays @ 11:30 AM

In November’s episode of Skills to Pay the Bills, Lorette Farris interviews Jack Wilson, Owner and Principal of Liquid Capital.  Jack talks about alternative financing vehicles – that when implemented correctly, become a lifeline for many small businesses and small business start-ups.

Wicked Good Food: Rooting for Root Vegies


Thursdays @ 6:30 PM, Monday, Nov. 10th @ 9:00 AM and Monday, Nov. 24th at 9:00 AM

In November’s episode of Wicked Good Food, Chef Matt Williams explores some of the wonderful vegetation that grows underground. Learn how to prepare some delicious dishes sure to please your family or guests such as Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes with Celery Root, Roasted Root Vegetables with Celery Root, and Colorful Beet and Field Greens Salad with Goat Cheese. Just in time for Thanksgiving, these dishes pair well with meat, poultry, and fish. The twice Baked Sweet Potatoes is even so luscious you might want it for dessert.