Children’s Corner: Sleepy Creepy

 Saturdays @ 9:30 AM

In this Halloween episode, Sheriff Stephen J. is awakened at 2am by the television audience.  After telling the audience to come back in 9 hours when he is awake, he gets a phone call from Sarah the switchboard operator informing him there is a suspicious person lurking around the graveyard. Stayed tuned Saturdays to find out what Sheriff Stephen J. discovers amongst the tombstones.

Cooking with Marie: Enchiladas

 Thursday Oct. 16 @ 8:00 AM, Monday Oct. 20 @ 9:00A AM & Wednesday Oct. 29 @ 6:30 PM

Join award-winning host and cookbook author Marie Hejl as she demonstrates how to make authentic “enchiladas verdes” (green enchiladas).

Celebrate Herndon’s Arts Week with HCTV!

Painting in Oils with Carol Hallock.

Tuesday @ 1:30 PM, Wednesday @ 11:00 AM, Thursday @ 12:00 AM

Watch as Carol Hallock paints with easy to learn demonstrations for beginning to advanced painters.
Techniques are demonstrated showing how to develop a loose stroke, stop sweating the details and using contrast, color and composition to achieve maximum “OOOMPH”.


Art Space Herndon High School

Tuesday @ 9:00 PM, Friday @ 1:00 PM

Get an inside look from artists and collaboraters of Herndon High School’s juried art show at ArtSpace Herndon.


Mosaic Harmony February 2014 Concert

Thursday @ 11:00 AM, Sunday @ 1:30 PM

Enjoy inspirational music from local choral group, Mosaic Harmony.


Around Our Town: Pet Mural

Tuesday @ 12:30 PM, Friday @ 6:00 PM

Watch the official ribbon cutting for the wall mural on Dominion Animal Hospital in downtown Herndon. The mural was created as a collaboration between the Council for the Arts in Herndon and Dominion Animal Hospital.

My Fandom’s Not Dead Yet!

Science & Sci Fi Saturdays

Saturdays @ 6:00 PM

This month’s episode of Sci Fi Fandom is from a panel discussion from ARISHIA conference.

Face it – your show’s canceled and it’s not coming back. There’s not going to be a sequel to that movie. It’s dead, Jim! So how do you keep the fandom alive? Does the release of new merchandise and the re-issued super collector’s edition DVD mean there’s still hope for more? Would you accept comic book, novels, or a “Battlestar Galactica” – style “reimagining” instead? Does it ever become time to just move on? (Heresy!) Panel members: Daniel Miller, Victoria Janssen, Cynthia A. Shettle, Melissa Honig, and James Zavaglia discuss.

Skills to Pay the Bills: Life and Health

Fridays @ 11:30 AM

On this month’s episode of Skills to Pay the Bills, Tia Young interviews Executive Field Chairman Shirley Luu and a panel of experts regarding life and healthcare strategies for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Building & Living Green

Image of Green building with leaf

Photo Courtesy of

This week HCTV has three special episodes that explores what it means to have an energy efficient home.


SVTAGS: Green Buildings

Tuesday @ 11:30 AM and Friday @ 1:00 PM

This episode of Silicon Valley Technology, Art, Green & Sustainability talk show is about green building and what it means to be LEED certified. Host, Heather Durham, interviews guest, Barry Giles, Founder of BuildingWise, LLC and LEED Faculty for the U.S. Green Building Council.


Green By Design: Home Efficiency and Green Cleaning

 Tuesday @ 9:00 PM and Wednesday @ 9:30 AM

Connie and Greg go through their home and provide tips on how to save energy in your home. They also take a tour of the BASF Near Zero Energy Home with Jack Armstrong, director of building and construction.


Future Talk: Liveable Sustainable Architecture

Wednesday @ 2:30 PM, Thursday @ 12:30 PM, and Saturday @ 5:00 PM

Architects are increasingly using modern technology to design home and office space that’s more functional, versatile, ecologically sound and aesthetically pleasing than before. In this episode, architect Terry Beaubois, who has spent many years developing new architectural models, discusses the ecoSMART house project in Bozeman, Montana, which he directed, and which received the “House of the Year” Award from the U.S. Green Building Council. Martin Wasserman hosts this episode that focuses on the likely future of architecture and ways to make buildings do more for the residents while costing less in energy.

New Program on HCTV!

HCTV and the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce have teamed up and created a new program “Circles of Influence”. This program features Chamber President, Eileen Curtis speaking with a variety of guests that showcase the Chambers commitment to community, the work of our non-profit organizations and the legislative issues that effect our quality of life. This program can be seen on Cox Channel 23, Verizon Fios Channel 28 and can be watched via our “Video On Demand” accessible through out website.Chamber Logo Final DRCC Vertical

Wicked Good Food: Apples and Fall Dinner

Want to learn how to incorporate some of the tastes of fall into your cooking? Tune in Thursdays this month to get the inside scoop on creating a festive fall meal.


Wicked Good Food: Thursdays @ 6:30 PM


Service Above Self: Careers in Graphic Design

Service Above Self Graphic Design

Fridays @ 9 AM

This month’s episode of Service Above Self dives into the world of graphic design.  Watch on Friday and you can learn about some of the many directions that you can take with a career in graphic design.