Teen Cancer Awareness Week   Recently updated !

Governor Terry McAuliffe signing proclamation that the 3rd week of January is Teen CANCER awareness week

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (center) with Bite Me Cancer Founder, Nikki Ferraro (right)

This past summer Herndon Live had a television exclusive of the signing of the gubernatorial proclamation for the new Virgina Teen Cancer Awareness Week.  This proclamation came on the heels of the Virginia State Legislature unanimously passing a similar resolution stating that the third week of January beginning in 2015 will be Teen Cancer Awareness Week and will continue in each succeeding year.  Teen cancer survivors and their families along with Virginia Delegate Tom Rust and Del. Ken Plum witnessed Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signing the proclamation in Delegate Tom Rust’s office in Herndon, Virginia.  Local support group and advocacy organization, Bite Me Cancer, was crucial in making this happen.  Catch this HCTV exclusive throughout the week and this Thursday @ 9:00 PM.

January Science & Sci-Fi Saturdays

Sci Fi Saturday

Tomorrow Today: Episode 135

Saturdays @ 7:30 PM, Mondays @ 11:00 AM and Fridays @ 7:30 PM

Episode 135 looks at popcorn psychology- how snacking in movies alters your perception of ads and how one company is improving employees healthy aging. What will the city of the future look like? Urban planners are looking into the city of tomorrow. They are exploring new ways to maximize unused space in the city and creating a model for more efficient use of energy. These innovative technologies are being used to figure how to up-date old cities and designing cities of the future from the ground up.  Finally, get inside the science of a snowman.


Fast Forward: Paolo Bacigalupi

Saturdays @ 5:30 PM

Episode #274 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction features an interview with author Paolo Bacigalupi, who talks about his award winning adult and young adult novels. Also in this episode: Colleen Cahill reviews Perfectly Invisible by Michael A. Stackpole and Marianne Petrino gives 4 chans to the anime series Kamisama Kiss.


30 Odd Minutes: Rock n’ Roll Ghosts

Fridays @ 11:00 PM and Saturdays @ 9:30 PM

In this mission, Jeff Belanger and Andrew Lake explore some haunted rock n’ rollers with author and paranormal investigator Angelka Rogers! From recording studios to theaters, the world is full of places said to be haunted by those who once left a huge impression through their music. And sometimes the artists who came to perform at these venues end up leaving with an experience that’s more than they bargained for. Rogers shares some of the stories she’s collected for her forthcoming book: Rock Star Ghost Stories.


Sci-Fi Journal: December 2014

Fridays @ 8:30 PM and Saturdays @ 8:00 PM

Sci-Fi Journal is live from RI Comic Con with hosts James Hinsey, Jay Kingston, Marc Morisseau, and Calvin Watts III. Jay does Popcorn Previews with trailers for “Avengers; Age of Ultron” and “Into The Woods”. Calvin focuses on new pinball machines while Marc reviews upcoming tv shows.  Plus special interviews with entertainment professionals, comic book artist and video game developer.at the Rhode Island Comic Con.


Cosmic Cafe: Crop Circles and UFO Activity

Saturdays @ 4:00 PM

For today’s Daily Special at the Café, host, Eric Brown, are brewing up the question of what is causing these Crop Circles in Northern California!  Special guest, Jeff Krause, the MUFON State Section Director of California’s Tri-County, theorizes with host about what might exactly be causing this unusual phenomenon.

Real Estate Programing: Jan. 16th – Feb. 14th

Service Above Self: Real Estate as a Career

Tuesdays @ 9:00 PM and Fridays @ 9:30 AM

On this episode of Service Above Self, special guests discuss how to become a realtor and also explain the day to day activities in the life of someone in the realty business.


Skills to Pay the Bills: E.J. Wilson Real Estate with Jim Jack and Vinnie Apostolico

Mondays @ 2:30 PM and Fridays @ 11:00 AM

This show is an excellent educational opportunity to learn the basics, as well as the advanced principles of purchasing your first home, maintaining your current home, and financial solutions surrounding challenging real estate and property management issues.


BusinessWise: Building A Real Estate Business in Hard Times

Tuesdays @  10:00 AM and Thursday @ 2:00 PM

Host Randy Landreneau interviews real estate business owner Josee Goudreault. Ms. Goudreault discusses her application of the Hubbard Management Technology in her real estate business, and how the Hubbard method has helped her company become and remain successful despite the current situation in the housing market. She discusses the importance of real communication in any business and specifically how communication affects other aspects of running a business.

Wicked Good Food: Snow Comfort Food


Thursdays @ 6:30 PM
Monday, January 19th @ 9:00 AM

Last week’s first snow day will probably not be the last one this winter.  Learn some snack to keep you and the kids warm.  Throw away those hot chocolate packets because chef Matt Williams will show you how to make this delicious drink from scratch.  For eats, the chef gives his take on hot pocket sandwiches and flavored popcorn.  These treats are definitely great for any frosty day in the winter or rainy day all year long.

New In Focus Mini-Series: Life Links

Seeking Acceptance


This episode of Life Links takes a step into the lives of three young adults experiencing different problems in their lives but all faced with the same challenge of seeking acceptance in the community they live in.

Mondays @ 10:00 AM, Tuesdays @ 12:30 PM and Fridays @ 2:30 PM

A descendant of Holocaust survivors, 23-year-old David is proud to be Jewish. In Hungary however, that’s becoming increasingly problematic. In a country that’s shifted to the right in recent years, discrimination and stigmatization of minorities seems to have become socially acceptable. David is trying to fight the trend.

19-year-old Ali has been a refugee almost all his life. At present he’s living in a shelter on the outskirts of Berlin far away from his family. When he was a baby, his parents were forced to leave Afghanistan for Iran. But life there wasn’t any better; the family faced discrimination, threats and imprisonment on a regular basis. Hoping for a brighter future, Ali left Iran and fled to Germany two years ago. But even there, surrounded by a wealthy and healthy society, he’s struggling for acceptance.

To be accepted for who she is and what she looks like – that’s what Leonidah wants. The 24-year-old lives in Nairobi, Kenya, and has albinism. In the past decades, this rare genetic condition was almost equivalent to a death sentence. People with albinism were severely persecuted. Leonidah knows this all too well. She can’t find a job and is afraid to go out alone at night. But she’s hanging in there.

#dealwithme to join the global conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


A look into Alzheimer’s

Service Above Self: Alzheimer’s: Trying to Remember

Saturday: January 3rd @ 3:00 PM
Monday:   January 5th & 12th @ 2:30 PM 
Tuesday:  January 6th & 13th @ 9:00 PM
Friday:   January 9th & 16th @ 9:30 AM & 8:00 PM

In this episode of Service Above Self, Ann Osborne interviews Patty O’Brian from the Connection Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Ms. O’Brian discusses what causes the disease and signs to watch for if you suspect a friend or family member may be developing it.

Tomorrow Today: Alzheimer’s Disease: Is Prevention Possible?

Saturday: January 3rd & 10th @ 7:00 PM  
Monday:   January 5th & 12th @ 11:00 AM
Friday:   January 9th & 16th @ 7:30 PM

Can Alzheimer’s be prevented? That’s the big question scientists at the Max Planck Institute for the Biology of Ageing in Cologne, Germany are working on answering. They’ve identified an amino sugar which could provide a key to treating the degeneration of brain cells. Research on roundworms, which have an average lifespan of three weeks, led them to their discovery. Further work might reveal whether consuming the sugar derivative could help ward off the onset of Alzheimer’s in humans. Tomorrow Today also answers Wenjian Li, a viewer from Finland’s question – “Is it true that left handed people are smarter?” Einsteinchen delves into the answer for this question.

The Childrens Corner: Sweet Maple Syrup

The Children's Corner: Talkin Turkey

Saturday @ 9:30 AM

Get your pancakes ready because the Sheriff is making pure maple syrup straight from the tree to the table.

The Sheriff is in quite a fix when Mr. Dill eats all of his pure maple syrup.  To get more syrup he takes a trip to Aldermere’s farm and learns how to tap a tree for sap.  He then takes his sap to MarryAnn at The Kinney Sugar house to make it into syrup and candy.  yum yum.

Special Holiday Programming for Christmas


Emily’s Garden: Christmas

Monday @ 10:30 AM, Wednesay @ 9:30 PM and Thursday @ 8:30 AM

Music & the Spoken Word Holiday Music

Monday thru Thursday 4 PM to 6 PM & Friday 4 PM to 5 PM

Enjoy classic Christmas and holiday tunes sung by the Tabernacle Choir.


Garden Wise with Arlene: Holiday Blast

Wednesday @ 11:30 AM, Thursday @ 2:00 PM

Arlena visits a local coffee shop to learn how to brew a delightful gingerbread latte. Also, get some great tips on how to keep your poinsettia fresh all season long, as well as some fun ways to decorate it. Arlena heads to the local hardware store to obtain some excellent safety tips for your Christmas illumination. Finally, learn how to make the holiday sweeter with delicious cookies.

30 Odd Minutes: Holiday Spirits

Wednesday @ 11:30 PM, Friday @ 11:00 PM and Saturday @ 9:30 PM

In this special holiday episode of 30 Odd Minutes, host, Jeff “Jingle Bells” Belanger, discusses with panelists, Matt “Sleigh Ride” Moniz and Andrew “Misfit Toy” Lake, the history of Christmas character folklore. Learn the delightful and sometimes sinister history of Santa Claus, Krampus, Belsnickle and Black Peter. Also – Is Santa real? Where did the tradition of Christmas stockings come from? and Is there a true holiday spirit possession in December?

Holiday Movies

Angel on My Shoulder (1946)

 Monday @ 7:00 PM

Scrooge (1935)

Tuesday @ 7:00 PM & Thursday @ 7:30

Santa Claus Conquers Martians (1964)

Thursday @ 12:30 PM

Vintage HCTV

Herndon Towne Square Singer: A Holiday to Remember (2009)

Thursday @ 9:00 AM and Sunday @ 12:00 PM

Light Up the Holidays (1997)

Thursday @ 11:00 AM

Holiday Happenings on Video On Demand

Holiday DepotGet into the holiday spirit with highlights from previous year’s events in the Town of Herndon.  Check out these programs on Video On Demand “December Holidays” playlist.   Enjoy festive songs sung by the Towne Square Singers during their holiday performances in 2009, 2010 and 2012.  Reminisces with 2013 holiday events such as the Town of Herndon’s tree lighting and Chanukah menorah lighting as well as the holiday train show and holiday home tour.