Financial Fridays   Recently updated !

From money management to business tips and how to get a job, HCTV has the right show for you daytime on Fridays.

Skills to Pay the Bills: Business Banking

Fridays @ 11:00 AM and Wednesday @ 2:00 PM

Business banking is an art form. Learn the correct mechanics on how to work successfully with your banker. Speical guests, Don Moragne and Simeon Harris of SunTrust Bank, offer their expertise on this episode.

Money Matters: Asset Management

Fridays & Wednesdays @ 11:30 AM

Pat Welde and Patricia Dunn both of Merrill Lynch talk to Mike Dever of Brandywine Asset Management about investing wisely in a variety of asset classes.

Get a Job Show: Episode 4

Fridays @ 1:00 PM and Thursdays @ 2:00 PM

Consultant Rick Gillis continues his series of programs designed to help job seekers with their careers. Guests on this episode include Author Patricia Jackson and Jill Silman, Vice President of Meador Staffing Services.

The Language of Business: Communication

Fridays @ 2:30 PM and Tuesdays @ 12:30 PM

Business communication can take many forms. A chat with a client. A pitch to venture capitalists. A presentation from employee to boss. How do you put your best foot forward? How about if this communication is taking place over international borders? These are some of the issues explored as Greg Stoller speaks with four experts in communication.

Let the Countdown Begin to Season 2 of Frameworks   Recently updated !

Season two of Frameworks premieres this Sunday, March 8th @ 6:00 PM. Catch up on last season’s episodes all week long and on Sunday with a Frameworks season one marathon beginning @ 1:30 PM.



Monday, March 2nd @ 3:3O PM and Sunday, March 8th @ 1:30 PM

Featuring musician, James Adelsberger, and photographer, Amanda Pham



Tuesday, March 3rd @ 11:30 PM and Sunday,  March 8th @ 2:00 PM

Featuring potter, Rebecca Biersack, and filmmaker, Samuel Kim



Wednesday, March 4th @ 10:30 AM and Sunday, March 8th @ 2:30 PM

Featuring Kimberly Joe, Figure Skater and Anna O’Hara, Ballet Dancer



Wednesday, March 4th @ 11:00 AM and Sunday, March 8th @ 3:00 PM

Featuring Lynn Goldstein, Pastel Artist and Alex Altobelli, Irish Dancer



Thursday, March 5th @ 11:30 AM and Sunday, March 8th @ 3:30 PM

Featuring Stacy Kafka, Expressive Arts Teacher at the Kilmer Center and John Gallagher, Comic Book Artist



Thursday, March 5th @ 11:30 PM and Sunday, March 8th @ 4:00 PM

Featuring Monica Zinn, Documentary Filmmaker and Kylie Carey, Cake Pop Artist


EPISODE 7: Herndon Festival Edition

Friday, March 6th @ 6:30 PM and Sunday, March 8th @ 4:30 PM

Featuring rock band, DNA and indie band, Noble Hunter



Friday, March 6th @ 7:00 PM and Sunday, March 8th @ 5:00 PM

Featuring Maddie Assel, singer and former American Idol contestant and Rachael Kim, artist and painter

Wicked Good Food: Chicken Picata, Chicken Parmesan & Pancake Chicken   Recently updated !


Thursday @ 6:30 PM
Monday, March 2nd & March 30th @ 9:00 AM

On this episode, Chef Matt Williams is serving up three terrific chicken dishes you can make any night of the week. He demonstrates how to craft two popular Italian dishes, chicken picata and chicken Parmesan. His final chicken dish is an original recipe, Pancake chicken, which was actually born out of a happy accident. Even if things don’t turn out exactly as planned in the kitchen there still is a way to possibly turn it around.

New Program: Behind the Show

Sundays @ 8:00 PM and Tuesdays @ 10:30 PM

HCTV has a new original series called Behind the Show. In each episode, we interview creators, hosts and producers of programs that air on HCTV. On this episode, Herndon Live’s Casey Molina sits down with Gigi Smith, creator of Girls Talk TV.

Along the Blackstone: What Would You Do For Freedom?

Sunday @ 3:00 PM, Monday @ 9:30 AM and Wednesday @ 8:00 AM

What would you do for freedom? What risks would you take and what hardships would you endure? These questions were ever present for the enslaved Africans prior to American Civil War. This month’s Along the Blackstone takes us on a journey to understand what it was that finally made those enslaved to risk everything for a chance at freedom. Learn about the National Park Service’s Underground Railroad Initiative and powerful stories of underground railroad activity from New Bedford, the African-American Meeting House in Boston and here in the Blackstone Valley.

Around Our Town: Farewell to Historic Fire Station

flag lowering

Tuesday @ 8:10 AM, Thursday & Friday @ 9:00 PM

The Herndon Fire Department is turning a new chapter as a state of the art fire station breaks ground in 2015.  If you weren’t able to make it to this symbolic final farewell of this historic building in Herndon, catch a recap on HCTV.  In this episode of Around Our Town, several prominent members of the town and county share their memories and thoughts about what this fire station has meant to the community as the oldest fire station in Fairfax County.

During construction, the Herndon Fire Station will take temporary residence on Locus and Center Street. The new building is projected to open in spring 2016.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Emily’s Garden: Let me Call you sweatheart

Saturday, February 14th @ 9:00 AM
Mondays @ 10:30 AM, Thursday @ 8:30 AM and Fridays @ 12:30 PM

On this Valentine’s day centered episode, Emily learns more about the first manufactured Valentine cards in Worcester Massachusetts. Also, Emily takes a look at the production process of “Conversation Hearts”, America’s most popular Valentine candy follows at the NECCO (New England Confectionery Company). No episode would be complete without a very special Valentine project.


The Children’s Corner: Lovesday

Saturdays @ 9:30 AM

In this episode it’s “Lovesday” in the World of the Magical Couch. The Sheriff celebrates by performing “The Slouch In The Couch Children’s Corner Band’s” original song, “I’ll Always Know You,” with One Eye, The town dentist and Hairy Harry singing backup vocals. Also on this episode, Sheriff Stephen J takes a trip to the “Wilbur’s of Maine” Chocolate Factory where he see’s how hard candy lemon drops and peanut butter fudge are made.

Daily word of interest: Confectioner

February Science Sci Fi Saturdays Highlights

Sci Fi SaturdayFast Forward: Holly Black

Saturdays @ 5:30 PM

Contemporary Science Fiction features an interview with best selling fantasy writer Holly Black in which she discusses her recent novel, Doll Bones. She also talks about the genesis of the incredibly popular Spiderwick Chronicles series, her vampire novel The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, and her collaboration with Cassandra Clare on the Magisterium series. The interview was recorded on 10/10/2014, at Capclave 2014, before a live audience.  

30 Odd Minutes: Secret Moon Bases with Don Ecker

Fridays @ 11:00 PM and Saturdays @ 9:30 PM

Recent photos release by NASA have caused many to question if there are truly signs of extraterrestrial contact and potentially even evidence of a secret moon base.  Special guest, Don Ecker, stops by and discusses some of his findings as a writer researcher and commentator on recent official NASA photos released.  He has also been the Director of Research for UFO Magazine as well as a former law enforcement officer and criminal investigator with over 10 years of experience.

Cosmic Cafe: Leaked NASA photos of UFO’s

Saturdays @ 4:00 PM

For today’s Daily Special at the Café, they are Brewing up the Question of whether or not NASA suppress images of UFOs which showed up on their own Cameras?  To help answer this question and several others is  Robert Evans.  This native San Franciscan military veteran, has not only distinguished himself by not just talking’ about issues – he stepped up and ran for the US Congress two separate times.  In 2006 Bob started his life long passion researching these questions about Aliens

New Each Week

Saturdays @ 3:00 PM

Not all great science or sci fi shows HCTV find are serialized. So at 3:00 PM each Saturday enjoy a new exciting Science or Sci Fi video. HCTV has everything from the latest in robotics to the science of every day life and fan discussions of popular shows. Saturday, February 14th: Robotic Secrets Revealed, Part 3 Saturday, February 21st: African TechWomen Meet Silicon Valley


Premiering this Saturday

Inside NPS: February 2015

Saturdays @ 2:30 PM and Wednesdays @ 7:30 AM

Catch the latest in what is being discovered and developed at the Naval Postgraduate School. On this episode, USS America’s commander and crew share NPS experiences. Also, find out what kind of atmospheric testing with radiosonde-equipped UAV NPS is doing as well as Oceanography professors examine changes in Arctic region.

Tomorrow Today:Bacterial Threat

Saturdays @ 7:30 PM, Mondays @ 11:00 AM and Fridays @ 7:30 PM

For decades, antibiotics have been used to treat bacterial infections, but doctors and patients are faced with a growing threat: the bacteria are becoming resistant. Research into new antibiotics is ongoing, but even these could eventually become useless against certain types of pathogens. Scientists are now looking into alternatives, such as bacteriophage treatments, which kill specific germs without having an adverse effect on the patient’s body. However, the therapy is not yet available in the EU. Researchers say changes are needed, both in medicine and the law.

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Business, Money & Jobs

From money management, business tips to how to get a job, HCTV has the right show for you daytime on Fridays.


Service Above Self

Fridays @ 9:30 AM and Tuesdays @ 9:00 PM

Brought to you by the Rotary club in Broad Brook, Connecticut, Service Above Self often focuses on profiling a different career profession in each episode. For example, learning what it means to be graphic designer, real estate agent or chiropractor are a few of the different professions that this show has looked at. In other episodes, the show has tackled such topics as basic computing concepts and Alzheimer’s disease.

February’s Episode: The rotary club sits down with a chiropractor to discuss the business of being a chiropractor and how professionals in this industry can help people in many ways.


Skills to Pay the Bills

Fridays @ 11:00 AM and Mondays @ 2:30 PM

Skills To Pay The Bills provides information and education about various aspects of financial literacy. Each episode focuses on a different topic such as retirement; long term care healthcare; and living benefits strategies for individuals and families. Also, small business development and sustainability are other aspects the show covers.

January 9th to February 13th: Real Estate and Home Owners
February’s Episode starting February 16th: Income Strategies

Money Talk

Fridays @ 11:30 AM and Wednesdays @ 11:30 AM

Host, Jack Bevilacqua, provides financial information in an approachable manner by interspersing real-life stories in his discussion with expert guest. On the show, he has brought guests on to cover topics such as: college funding, investing, social security, 401(k) plans, mortgages, long-term health care insurance, investment fraud, annuities, real estate investments, estate planning and retirement.

February: Focus on Taxes

February 3rd-13th: How to Choose a Tax Professional
February 18th – 27th: Tax Strategies & Investment Planning


Get a Job Show

Fridays @ 1:00 PM and Thursdays @ 9:00 PM

This program is aimed to arm the unemployed, under-employed, and those seeking a better position in this difficult employment climate. Company administrators are also encouraged to view as topics range from writing an effective resume, EEOC, staffing firms, career coaching, and job interviewing skills for both the employees and the employers.