NatureFest 2014

NatureFest 2013 Photograph

Courtesy of Friends of Runnymede Park


Get ready for NatureFest with HCTV!  We’ll be taking a look back at previous years of NatureFest this week in anticipation for NatureFest 2014; co-hosted by Herndon Parks and Recreation Department and Friends of Runnymede Park this upcoming Sunday, September 28th from 1 PM to 5 PM.



NatureFest Special Line-Up

NatureQuest 2012

Monday @ 8:00 AM, Sunday @ 5:00 PM


NatureFest 2013

Thursday @ 1:30 PM, Sunday @ 8:00 PM


Vintage HCTV: NatureFest 2001 & 2002

Thursday 9:00 AM & Sunday @ 12:00 PM

The Road to Recovery

Tuesday @ 11:00 AM, Thursday @ 12:00 AM, Friday @ 8:00 AM

National Recovery Month 2014, 25th Year

September is National Recovery Month.  In recognition of this month, HCTV is airing The Road to Recovery series produced by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration.


Cook with HCTV

Don’t know what to do for dinner? Tune into HCTV weekdays at 6:30 PM for recipes, tips and trick to excite your kitchen.


Celebrate Senior Citizens Day with HCTV

Senior Citizens Day











9:00 AM – Live Well Age Well Episode 1
9:30 AM – Live Well Age Well Episode 2
10:30 AM –Helping Seniors Understand Reverse Mortgages
11:30 AM – Graceful Aging
2:00 PM   – Herndon Village Network
5:30 PM   – Mosaic Harmony Concert
7:00 PM   – Money Talk: Long Term Care
11:30 PM – Live Well Age Well Episode 2


HCTV Orignial Programming Tonight!

Catch the latest news with Herndon Live tonight at  5:00 PM.  The show will be followed by a new episode of The Buzz About Books at 5:45 PM and The First Pick at 6:00 PM.

Can’t watch Friday?  Don’t worry you can watch these shows and more HCTV original shows on Sunday starting at 6:00 PM.

New Series: Wicked Good Food



HCTV is happy to bring you Chef Matt Williams’ cooking show, Wicked Good Food.  Williams shares the recipes of the comfort foods of his childhood along with souped up versions of those classics American dishes.

This Month’s Episode: All About Lobsters

Monday @ 9:00 AM and Thursday @ 6:30 PM

Herndon Voices

Herndon Voices


Do you live in the town of Herndon?

Do you have a story to tell?

HCTV wants to hear from YOU!




Young or old, funny or nostalgic, we will record your story for airing on our station.

Please contact us if you are interested. You can call us at 703-689-2323 or e-mail

TNM: Great Expectations

Great Expectation's Film Image Catch August 7th’s Thursday Night Movie, Great Expectations, at 7:30 PM.  This charming adaptation of one of Charles Dickens’ classics stars John Mills and Valerie Hobson.  The story follows the life of Pip, a young orphan who’s life dramatically changes with the help of a mysterious benefactor.  The movie was directed by Oscar Award winning British director, David Lean.  Shortly following Great Expectations, David Lean also direct another Charles Dickens’ novels, “Oliver Twist”.  However, David Lean is best known for his work as director of Lawrence of Arabia.

Encore screening Sunday, August 17th at 3:30 PM.

New Series: The Folklorist

The Folklorist

Sunday @ 5:30 PM, Wednesday @ 10:30 AM, and Thursday @ 10:00 PM

NewTV’s awarding winning television series, The Folklorist, is now on HCTV.  Hosted by John Horrigan, The Folklorist, offers a captivating look at the stories in history that have forever inspired us. Whether its a tale of legendary lost cities, forgotten heroes, or hoaxes beyond belief, The Folklorist brings audiences back to each story’s origins, and uncovers what’s been left out of text books, and what lives on as folklore.