What do you need to have before you begin shooting a show? Here are some of the basics:


You may use your own cameras, or borrow some from HCTV. Higher quality cameras are better for television production. Use more than one camera for different angles.

Cameras get heavy, and people move a lot more often than you realize. Use a tripod for a good, steady shot!

Use wireless mics, handheld, boom mics . . . Don’t depend on the camera audio for sound.

Batteries, Power Strips
Always check to be sure the equipment has fresh batteries, and that there will be sufficient power available at the location of the shoot.

A dark setting will not show up well on TV. Use as much lighting as you can. Use more than you think is necessary. If in doubt, record a test shoot and check the results.

Anything that will make your setting look good. However, less is more – don’t clutter up the set!


These are typical crew positions:

  • The Producer: The supervisor of the show. The producer is the person who coordinates all aspects of the show, from its creation to the final product.
  • The Director: The director is the person who manages the filming of the program. The director instructs the crew in the technical and artistic aspects of the shoot, according to the storyboard.
  • Camera Operators: operate the camera according to the instructions of the director.
  • Floor Manager: Takes instructions from the director, assists camera operators, and cues talent.
  • Talent: The people we see on the camera. The host and the guests on the program.
  • Audio Engineer: Is responsible for the sound – from microphones to music.
  • Editor: Responsible for the creation of graphics, including titles, slides, animations and logos. Puts the final show together, combining all elements into one program.

Different positions can be held by the same person. In HCTV productions, you can see the combinations of Producer/ Director, Director/Editor, Audio/Graphics, Producer/Talent . . . As long as the job gets done, it doesn’t matter who does it!

Be sure to write down the names of everyone involved with the shoot. These people will work hard, and deserve credit. Take note of spelling!

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