Share Your #HCTVLOVE of Herndon

Share Your #HCTVLOVE of Herndon

12:11 14 July in HCTV News

#HCTV Love photo frame magnet

6:30 PM – Dark @ Town Green in Herndon

HCTV will have a tent at tonight’s Friday Night Live! Share your #HCTVLOVE of Herndon and stop by for fun selfies and free photo frame magnet!

Herndon Community Television is launching a new outreach campaign, Share Your #HCTVLove of Herndon. The campaign extends Herndon Community Television’s mission of “Keeping the Community Connected” into the digital world. The goal is for residents to post photos of themselves or pictures of Herndon with the #HCTVLove on their social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter). We will share what is happening in the community by incorporating the photos into our television “Bulletin Board” which runs between scheduled programs.




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